Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hi All,

Sorry Life has been very busy with therapy and me now attending school to get my Teacher Training certificate!!!
Everett is Now in His Senior year of High School, He is getting better and still needs a lot of therapy! However he is having a good time at school despite the odds. I don't think he will be able to enjoy any of the future dances that he would normally attend. It makes me sad he should be having a Grand time like the rest of his friends!

Gotta run to class..
Here is picture of Ev in his senior photo!!! 2013

Doesn't he look so Handsome!!! Yippee!

We still struggle with medical Bills so If you can find it in your Heart please Donate anything you can to Everett's recovery!! Peace and Love to All!!  Evs MOM!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello All,

So It has been sometime since I posted anything..... Well 2 weeks ago at Everett's Choir teacher's retirement Farewell Ev had a terrible seizure, somehow it ended up in the paper don't know how, but his seizure was so bad we had to call 911!

It was such a horrific site to see, Ev was so scared, I was in tears trying to keep him calm. His sister was in tears as she called 911.  It lasted more than 10 min, his body was out of control and he was so scared. So glad when the fire Department showed up and gave him a shot to help stop the seizure!

It was so terrible and Ev remembers the entire thing, he couldn't control his body, the spasms were so strong. It took Ev about 3 hours, in the ER, to regain his mobility and ability to speak.
He is now doing great, but has some minor set-backs. His language skills were affected, and things are a bit jumbled in his head : (   I'm really sad because he worked so Hard in school the last 3 months!

All I can say is he has the best attitude and a big smile on his face!!

A Big Thumbs up in the ER

Here is Ev, 3 days before his big seizure at the final concert performance, with his Older sister after he received his certificate for 3 years of dedicated Concert Choir!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Holistic Medicine

Still taking my son to an acupuncturists, things are going really good.... So now I am seeing an acupuncturist/herbalists! She is fantastic,I totally recommend It, haven't felt this great in years! Amazing how one, one hour session brought new life to me.. not you all will feel this... but i went to another in the past and never got this type of results! Why am I telling you.. well I'm getting older and I need to continue to be there for my son and I need to be in tip top shape!! I won't be any good to my son If I continue to suffer from migraine headaches, hip pain, lower back pain and major fatigue!
In just one session I feel like a whole new person and I have no fatigue!!! Interested in where I went... Well the place is called Marco Polo's on 2nd St. in Morgan Hill.. Her name is Michelle, yes she is Chinese and a professor, she works on medical points and works to bring your Chi to full balance and my Chi was not moving, but it is now! amazing how our ailments can be seen on our tongues.. everything I knew that was wrong with me, she told me just by looking at my tongue!

So now on to Everett, He is walking better these days, some issues with the right side and not as bad as before. He walks with a cane and doing well. He gets tired and some pain in his back just from trying to stay upright and walk.... that little thing we all take advantage of. I never really thought about it until I watched my son trying to turn around, in an isle at the store, and he makes a giant circle just to turn around. Something we can all do very quickly in one spot.

Here's a fun Photo we took at Walmart today!! ha ha

We are still working on his memory : (   His past is still in the past... Short term is still not there either, but he tries very hard everyday, we constantly work on re-call everyday to help him to remember!!
Don't get me wrong he has memory, like Math.. I know really yup Math, and his favorite bands and lyrics. Choir he loves it and remembers all of the lyrics.. speaking is a small minor issue but when he sings... He sings like an Angel!!
Everett competed with his choir 2 weeks ago at University of San Luis Obispo, he did fabulous and the crown cheering him on his friends helped him to the top of the risers, it was such an emotional moment for me... he had just gotten is new AFO, leg brace, that week and it allowed him to stand for 30 minutes, it was magnificent a beautiful Miracle!!

This is a picture of his last big performance at the San Juan Bautista Mission. That is Ev with his good friend Jeffrey, Me and his Aunt and Grandma on his dads side. Ev standing down front during the concert.. There was no back to the risers so he stayed at the bottom.

Well I need to make dinner, please consider  making a donation towards Everett's medical bills, every bit helps.

Thank you Have a fabulous Evening!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting Stronger

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone read this?? Well any who it's been a while.. Everett is moving right along. His Physical and Occupational therapy is going well. He is getting stronger and smarter everyday!
I get secretly emotional every time he gets to a new mile stone!

Ev has had headaches on and off nothing major this time but he was dialed up again.. so he can have more fluid in his brain. (Dialed up) we he has a permanent shunt in his brain which has a small valve that opens and closes, it controls and drains the fluid in his brain, without the shunt his brain would fill up with too much fluid or may drain to fast causing more drain damage.

Everett is back in school, we had a boring Spring Break and lots of Dr's appointments and therapy sessions. I just started Ev on Neuro acupuncture, his first session went well, extremely expensive, and as his mother I will do anything help him get better. He did well with the needles in his head. It was interesting all that they do. So the needles were placed in certain areas of his head, she would ask questions and would massage the area where the needle was placed and would then have him move a limb, this went on for a while. All needles placed then he had to do some physical movements and stretches, then massage the area again. I swear it was working!! The freaky part for me they sent him home with me with the needles still in his head!!! Ahhh this was to continue to bring good energy to his affected areas.
I tell ya he was so funny all the way home in the middle of heavy traffic!! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. He was just signing songs, like he always does, being extra silly and gesturing to me with funny looks on his face!

The needles in his head!

Ev had quite a bit of homework over Spring Break, it took him a few days to do his Math, but he did it on his own with little help! So proud of him!

The day after his acupuncture appointment his phone was reactivated, he had been trying to unlock his phone for a couple of days and could not figure out the puzzle code, so Saturday Shazam he got it the first try!! yeahhhh He just remembered!

His memory is still gone but he has moments when he remembers things, day to day is still very difficult for him. I can't imagine what he's thinking, wondering why he can't remember anything.
It's like Ground Hog day, almost reliving the day... he just has no memory of his day! I am glad that he remembers me now.... his mom!

The one thing I really love and Enjoy Every Day I His Big Smile!! This is Ev taking a break from his math homework with a big smile on his face!!!

Me and my daughter go walking a lot, so last week Everett says, "I wanna go for a walk." so ok I didn't think he was up for it but he went as far as he could walking with his cane! Big Smile On His Face!

Well I need to clean up and get him ready for a shower! You all Have a fabulous evening/Day!
Hug your loved ones, tell your children, parents significant other you Love them.. because you never know what tomorrow may bring!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello All,

I am terrible at this Blog thing.. very busy driving Everett to and from Therapy sessions..
Ev is doing well, I've been able to get him out of his wheelchair and walking (with help) with a quad cane. His body is still weak and his ankle & knee still are not strong enough or straight enough to walk on a permanent basis, a wheelchair is still very much needed.

Sadly the ChipIn page service is ending.. I will have a new way to generate a fundraiser for Ev so we can purchase a suitable wheelchair, AFO (for his leg) and other medical devices that are very costly! Ughhh

For the last 1 1/2 month Ev has been testing for his IEP (Individual Educational Plan) to get back into we had the Big meeting on Tuesday... boy was that a long meeting! All went well and Ev will be getting the services that he deserves, as well as the district having him evaluated by aTBI specialist. He will not sty this way he's getting better!!!

Ev had his first official day back at school yesterday. It started out with nausea and a headache.. after lying down for 45 min he got up and said yes he can work! He made it untill 3pm! The Gilroy Distpatch followed him and took some awesome photos of him working in his classes. Not sure when the article will be published.

Everett talks a lot more these days, pieces of his memory is back, visual reading memory is back.. He is working on fine motor skills with his right hand, and his short term memory that is very much lacking in memory.
Each day is an improvement in his Life!! I love that he has such a good attitude and is eager to relearn all that he already knew, his great sense of humor is intact and he can find humor in his small mistakes.
I love to se Ev's huge smile when accomplishes his work, small victories.. as he raises his hands in the air pretending the scream n yell like a crowd...

Most days he works on the Nook the school provided him with, he works on educational games, reading, letters, and memory games. He remembered how to use the computer and write down the names of his favorite bands,,, His all time fav is Green Day, he often sings their songs.. Wake me up when September Ends.  Anyone out there know Green Day??? Anyone anyone He would love to meet them!!!

More to come, It's time for dinner!

This is Ev enjoying homemade breakfast at school.. his teacher made these delicious potato n cheese enchiladas!! yum

Monday, February 4, 2013

I want to Give a Huge thank you to all of you who have contributed to Everett's Wheelchair fund! I Just found out that Chipin was purchased by another company and will be ending their service! The new company will not keep Chipin!! I must shut down the site for Donations before it is automatically deleted!
If you had planned on Donating to Everett's cause, please do so in the next two weeks! Again Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for your contributions to Everett's wheelchair and rehab cause!

A Huge Round of Applause and Thank You to The "Boardroom" of Santa Cruz who donated a $350. gift certificate to Everett. He had a good time picking out clothes at the store.
Thank you Terry Campion what an awesome man you are for making that donation. You and your crew are fine men and an excellent example to your community! Here we are with Terry the owner and  Jordan one of his associates, along with my daughter, Ev and my youngest son. Give Terry a shout out on his FB page or drop by his store and purchase some merchandise!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Something Has gone wrong with the Chipin page, it seems all has been lost at the moment! I am saddened because the monies that have been raised isn't there anymore. Not sure If I was hacked.. : (