Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello All,

So It has been sometime since I posted anything..... Well 2 weeks ago at Everett's Choir teacher's retirement Farewell Ev had a terrible seizure, somehow it ended up in the paper don't know how, but his seizure was so bad we had to call 911!

It was such a horrific site to see, Ev was so scared, I was in tears trying to keep him calm. His sister was in tears as she called 911.  It lasted more than 10 min, his body was out of control and he was so scared. So glad when the fire Department showed up and gave him a shot to help stop the seizure!

It was so terrible and Ev remembers the entire thing, he couldn't control his body, the spasms were so strong. It took Ev about 3 hours, in the ER, to regain his mobility and ability to speak.
He is now doing great, but has some minor set-backs. His language skills were affected, and things are a bit jumbled in his head : (   I'm really sad because he worked so Hard in school the last 3 months!

All I can say is he has the best attitude and a big smile on his face!!

A Big Thumbs up in the ER

Here is Ev, 3 days before his big seizure at the final concert performance, with his Older sister after he received his certificate for 3 years of dedicated Concert Choir!