Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Best Part is, Everett Walked Across the Stage On His Own Power! We no longer need a wheel chair... We were not able to purchase one. The Wheel chair he needed cost $5,000. and we were not able to raise enough money... EveretT did suffer some extra physical issues by Not having the correct chair for his height, 6'2 and his physical issues.
Instead between myself and his therapist we got Ev walking!! Woohoo!! He is still uneasy on his feet but for the most part he walks and does well!
Fatigue is a huge part to a Brain injury and being sensitive to loud noise and or voices. Ev tires quickly.. faster than you and I would... sometimes he lasts longer than me!! Ha Ha I'm gettn old!!

Keep A Smile on your Face and be grateful you have the use of all of your body parts and your memory!

 Trying to keep things going and Ev's memory alive and awake.. visiting Carmel and the famous Lone Cypress
Thanks to a good friend, I was able to take Ev to his favorite event the Vans Warped Tour, with VIP tickets so Ev could take breaks and rest in a nice cool shaded area with tables and chairs, between seeing his favorite bands.
it was a fabulous day despite all the blisters he suffered on his toes!
I haven't posted in a long while. so many great improvements for Everett have happened! He has done very well in therapy. He walks great with the help of his AFO leg brace.
Ev will forever have some kind of physical and memory loss due to his #TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury) Issue but what's important that he is alive and gets to do most things he enjoys in life.
I myself can be a mess afraid to let him go out on his own and go for walks. He forgets where he is and is still unable to read signs, most of all very forgetful.

I have so thank you to all of those who donated 2 years ago. Everett still needs financial help. He has since then turned 18 and unable to work or ever drive a car due to seizures and the paralyzed muscles and nerves in his right ankle. It makes him sad that he'll never drive and all he could do is make jokes, like hey mom let me Drive... there are times when I am so tired I really wish he could drive!!!

Everett was allowed to Graduate/walk with his class of 2014!  I am so proud of him he has made such an awesome effort at school and even made the Honor Roll this year Yippee Kudos my son!!

Everett is finishing up some Units to complete his diploma.. summer school is fun for him and it keeps him busy!

You can still donate to his cause and life long issues. Most of all Wear A Helmet keep your noggin safe!!

                                             Me and Everett after Graduation

                                Everett with his older sister and younger Brother