Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Battle of Safety vs. "Coolness"

We all know that trying to talk sense into our kids is an uphill battle, but when it comes to their safety, you'll do anything.

Please talk to your kids about the importance of wearing a helmet while they skateboard, rollerskate or ride bikes. "Coolness" is always a concern with them, but I can tell you first-hand about the dangers of letting them go without one.

Here's an excerpt of the law regarding the responsibilities of wearing and enforcing helmet usage at public places such as skateparks and public riding facilities:

Skateboarding is a popular recreational activity. There are certain risks and dangers involved in skateboarding and roller skating activities, including skating itself, riding, assisting, and observing.

Property owners have been reluctant or failed to make property available for skateboarding and roller skating activities because of the inherent risks in the activity, the exposure to liability, and the prohibitive cost of insurance, if insurance can be obtained for the activities. The recreational sports of skateboarding and roller skating are a wholesome and healthy family activity that should be encouraged. The allocation of risks and costs of skateboarding and roller skating activities is an important matter of public policy.

Skateboarding is regulated by state and local laws, which vary by location. For example, one state prohibits skateboarding in the streets and a city within that state further specifies that skateboarding is allowed only from a half-hour after dawn to a half-hour before dusk on sidewalks in residential districts and is off-limits altogether in commercial corridors. Local laws should be consulted for specific requirements in your area. ... 

Read full text here: Skateboarding Helmet Laws

Thank you for your attention to this important subject and if you have been touched by an injury like Everett's I'd love to hear from you for support and resources.

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