Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Story of Everett Zamarron's Brain Injury

On June 5, 2012 My son Everett was Long boarding with his friend on a steep hill, Everett fell and landed on the left side of his head that left him in a coma for 25 days.

Our lives were turned upside down just like that. While making dinner at 6:30 pm on June 5th I received a frantic phone call from my son's friend, Jarod, screaming and crying and saying, "He won't wake up, I counted to 60 and he wont wake up!" I'm freaking out I don't know what he means, then he says," I already called 911" still not sure I'm screaming what happened where are you? He tells me they were up on Mantelli Drive - a residential area in Gilroy, CA - on top of a very steep hill! Now I'm upset because they weren't suppose to be up there!

I raced over across town to the area where he said they were. The ambulance had already transported him the bottom of the hill where the helicopter was waiting. I quickly turned around as I see cars and kids running to the elementary school where the helicopter had landed; as I turn the corner it was like a scene from a movie. A large crowd of adults and kids, police ambulances, fire trucks and in a distance a helicopter. I parked and jumped out of my car and race towards the ambulance, my son is no where in sight. The wind is blowing strong from the helicopter, just then the back of the ambulance doors fly open my son is strapped to the gurney half naked, only his underwear on. Everything is now in slow motion. A fireman turns my way and quickly stops me, asking are you his mother? My body went limp I can't believe this is happening it feels like a dream and a nightmare all at once.
My son has spinal & neck collar on, and a few IV's attached to him, he lies there lifeless, his friend is nowhere to be found.
The paramedics tell me to talk to him and. I tell Everett, I love you and we'll get through this, I'll see you at the hospital. They swiftly take him away and off they go in the helicopter. I stand there in disbelief, while the crown stares at me while they disburse back into their homes. I'm standing there alone my nerves are shot and my life just came crashing down.

Everett lay in a coma for 25 long days, the worst days of my life not knowing if he would wake up and not knowing how much brain damage he sustained.

Everett was in the Hospital for 4months, he had 4 surgeries during his stay at Valley Medical Hospital, where he continues his physical, occupational and speech therapy.
Everett has many needs and long road to recovery.

Everett sustained a traumatic brain injury to left side of his brain. He does not have mobility to right side of is body. In time with therapy he may regain his mobility, and it will take time.

Everett needs a special wheelchair to help him and it is very expensive at $3,500. I cannot afford it. I only work part time and do not have health insurance. I had to take leave from my job to care for Everett because I cannot afford to hire anyone to care for Ev. We also had to purchase a ramp so we could get Everett in and out of the house that too has left me with a very expensive bill.

Everett will have many doctor appointments, therapy, and other specialty medical items in his future in order to get him well again. We also live 30 miles away from the Hospital rehab center and many expenses.

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Delva Z.

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  1. Really interesting story. Like you said, certain kinds of traumatic brain injury lead to disinhibition, but I've never thought about what traumatic brain injury would happen if someone who was normally very inhibited had that kind of injury. Thanks for sharing!