Thursday, December 27, 2012

St. Mary’s School of Los Gatos Raises $1,200 for Skateboarder Who Sustained Head Injury

Press Release recently written:

St. Mary’s School of Los Gatos Raises $1,200 for Skateboarder Who Sustained Head Injury

LOS GATOS, CALIF. – December 20, 2012

Contact: Sister Nicki Thomas, President, St. Mary's School, 408-354-3944

Receiving a brain injury diagnosis after a car accident, birth injury or other traumatic event is devastating. Both the injured person and his or her family have many questions and the future can seem very uncertain. The community of St. Mary’s experienced this first-hand when one of their students, Charlie Laurencio, sustained a brain-injury while skateboarding in June of 2012. Fortunately, the road of recovery for Charlie has been remarkable. While in the hospital, Charlie’s family forged a strong bond with Delva Zamarron, the mother of a brain-injury patient, Everett.  

Everett’s recovery is more extensive than that of Charlie’s and is marked with great accomplishments and difficult set-backs. When the 8th Grade Class at St. Mary’s was considering recipients for their Halloween carnival fundraiser, they naturally turned to an experience that was close at heart for many of the students. Without hesitation they donated their proceeds, $1200, to Everett’s recovery needs.  Everett was able to visit St. Mary’s in person, where the check was presented to him.

A brain injury happens to someone in the United States once every 23 seconds - that's more than 1.5 million people every year. More than 2 percent of Americans live with disabilities caused by brain and head injuries.

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